Several firsts for Sweet Soca, Party Monarch semifinals

The semifinalists for the 2016 Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions have been revealed.

And there are a few notable firsts for the event being held on July 1.

The Mighty Grynner of Road March fame will be vying for a spot in the Sweet Soca semis with his massively popular, Turn Up De Speaker.

Meanwhile, the Party Monarch competition will see father-daughter duo, Adrian and Azizi Clarke, take the stage as AC2.

Another first for what has been dubbed ‘Phenomenal Friday’ is the inclusion of the inaugural Bashment Soca finals, organised by private promoter, 4D Entertainment. The Bashment Soca finalists were announced on Friday June 17, with the wildcard entry for the eighth final spot to be revealed tomorrow, June 20.

Producer of the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch semifinals, Aja, tonight explained that there will be separate judging panels for the NCF events and the privately-organised Bashment Soca finals, but the perfomances will all take place on one stage as patrons are treated to “a night of serious soca and bashment.”

“Come prepared for a night of top Barbadian music,” he added.

The night is expected to begin around 11 p.m. with Sweet Soca, followed by the Bashment Soca finals and ending with the Party Monarch competition.

Meanwhile, King Bubba, Leadpipe & Saddis, Mikey, Mistah Dale, Sanctuary and TC are all doubling up, going through in both the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions.

Below is the full list of semifinalists and their songs:


AC – How We Feting

Biggie Irie – Money Well Spent

Damian Marvay – Know The Face

Don Trent – New Day

Grynner – Turn Up De Speaker

Imani – Journey

Joaquin – This Place

King Bubba – Calling In Sick (Meet Me On The Road)

Leadpipe & Saddis – Dreams

Mikey – C.E.O.

Mistah Dale – Nuttin Sweetah

Nikita – Bun It Up

Peter Ram – Good Morning

Sanctuary – Bailar

TC – Wine n Carry On

Yannick Hooper – They Don’t Want Us To Fete

(RESERVE) Coopa Dan – Home


AC2 – Soca Season

Blood – Get On Bad

Donnell – Wet Me Down

Edwin Yearwood – Bore Ah Hole

Faith Callender – I’ll Be There

Hypasounds – Bam Bam Back

iWeb – Wuk Up & Rum

King Bubba – One King

Lil Rick – I’s A Bajan

Mikey – Live Fuh This

Mistah Dale – Mek Tuh Fete

Rameses – Traffic Blocking

Leadpipe & Saddis – Make A Fete

Sanctuary – Smash

Sir Ruel – When We Getaway

TC – De People Place

(RESERVE) Jimmy Dan – If You Are A Bajan

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